Faustina’s rainbow cake

Faustina says Vote Yes!

Ant and Avish @ M&C Saatchi

Ash ‘n’ Ant

Ant, Pia and Avish

“I’m more British than UKIP.” Well said, Amir.

Cannes Grand Prix. The best moment of Ash’s career…so far.

Ant and sound/music legend Nick West

Ant n sis.

The Sydney FC Travelling Army

An unflattering photo of Karen Ferry’s mother, the engineer, at aged 22, working on the rewiring of an induction motor at The Australian Iron and Steel Works. The same model of motor can be seen on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Ash and his brothers

The best picture Ash Naidu has ever taken.

A young Pia Chaudhuri .

Pia Chaudhuri planning a career in the creative industries.

Ant and mini Ant. Brown is beautiful!

An artist’s impression of Ant.

According to Karen Ferry, she was mostly petrified as a child, but here’s a rare pic showing her keen enthusiasm – “right down to squeezing my little chipolata fingers”.

Will hanging out in Cannes with the JWT posse.

Will Edwards and legendary surfer Joel Parkinson.

Will Edwards after completing a stage of the Tour de France. Might need to call the drug testers in…he doesn’t look very sweaty, does he?!